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Bobby Macias

Skills: Plastics – Sales – Mechanical and Engineering Knowledge – Manager

About: Bobby has managed and worked in an injection molding company for over 10 years, and has knowledge about everything, from processing the machines, to engineering work, and everything in between. Plastics is a way of life for someone that has been around them for so long. Being able to merge his plastic and machine knowledge to 3D printing is one of the greatest assets he has to offer.

Likes: Tech, Food, Fast Cars, and Being outdoors and partaking in all it has to offer

Brenden Macias

Skills: Technology – Management – Photography

About: With a background in Enterprise IT, Technology Solutions, Strategy, and Management Brenden brings a wide skill-set from multiple industries including Insurance, Manufacturing, Service, Construction, Apparel, and Banking. He has a passion for anything technical.

Likes: Astronomy, Camping, Fishing, Photography, and Star Wars

Russell Macias

Skills: Video Editing-Photography-Operations of Automated Equipment

About: Over the last 4380 days and then some Russell has been involved in the technical side of the music entertainment industry. From managing local crews and calling live shows, to programming advanced 3D flights traveling artists around arenas.

Likes: All things that capture moments of time, Outdoors, Tech

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