Blue Box Bots is a team of 7 kids, ages 13-16, that compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition. They are a group of young makers that have already been very successful. They have won their way all the way to the World Championships! Some of their accomplishments this year include:


  • 1st place Inspire Award and winning alliance partner at their first qualifier
  • Rockwell Collins Innovate Award and winning alliance partner at their second qualifier
  • Finalist alliance captain and winner of the PTC Design Award at IL State competition
  • 3rd place Control Award and 2nd place Rockwell Collins Innovate Award at North Super Regionals

Team Blue Box Bots has been using 3D printing in their bots with the help of a mentor team. They have been 3D printing pulleys that control the action of the arms and the hold their bot’s debris collection system on their robot Captain Jack. Now with their very own Flashforge Creator Pro they are poised to leverage 3D printing to its fullest help them in their biggest robotics challenge yet…. The WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS! Go Team Blue Box Bots!!

If you are interested in helping out Team Blue Box in their quest for the Championship they have a GoFundMe that can be found HERE. I know they would really appreciate any support that the Maker Community can throw behind them. You can also follow them on their Facebook page HERE.

If you are interested in FIRST Championship you can find more info on that HERE. You can also watch the competitions live streamed over the web on April 27-30 which is taking place in St. Louis Missouri.

Join Makersome in congratulating Team Blue Box and wishing them the best at the World Championships!

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