The Ultimate FLASHFORGE Upgrade Video Is Here!!!



Hold on to the edge of your seats boys and girls, the secret is out, and there’s no turning back. During countless hours of printing and testing different ways to set up the FLASHFORGE CREATOR PRO Makersome has all the Upgrades that you need to take your 3D Printing to the next level.


 #1 Glass Bed Upgrade Kit

This is a great first upgrade that you can do to your Flashforge Creator Pro or Flashforge Dreamer. The installation on this upgrade is quick and easy. Once you get it on you will wonder how you ever printed without it.


           #2 Active Colling System

Whether you print with ABS, PLA, Laywood, or other exotic Filaments, this upgrade will benefit you. With all the testing Makersome has done with the Active Cooling System, there is no doubt in our minds that you will love and cherish it as much as we do. We have seen improvements with all of out prints and continue to be amazed at the difference of quality that we have received. With this Upgrade you will find a whole new world of fine tuning with your 3D Prints.filament

                                                            #3 Filament Tube Clip

This is by far the fastest Printed Upgrade that we have in the lineup. When you are printing with your Creator Pro you will quickly notice that there is some minor rubbing happening against the top cover. This simple clip makes everything all tidy, and stops the rubbing.

FF Align     #4 Filament Alignment Bracket

All that needs to be said is when the dreaded tangle happens to you, you know you cannot live without this Upgrade. The Bracket aligns the filament tube towards the middle of the spool so it will never get tangled behind the spool again. Trust us, this is a must have upgrade. You do not want to be in the middle of that 14 hour print and come back to a miss print and an infuriating jam.

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